Do’s and Don’ts

Do call Dial Before You Dig on 1100:

You must call Dial Before You Dig on 1100 if you are planning to carry out ANY of the activities listed below, in or around the high pressure gas pipeline easement. This is a free service that will give you information on any buried utilities and infrastructure in the immediate vicinity.

Don’t undertake any of the following activities in the vicinity of the pipeline without SEA Gas approval.

Restricted & Regulated Pipeline Activities:

  • Directional boring or drilling.
  • Installing fence or strainer posts.
  • Constructing dams, swimming pools, ponds or tanks.
  • Excavations and earthworks of any type, exceeding 300mm.
  • Crossing of the pipeline by pipes, drains or other services.
  • Installation of power lines or poles.
  • Construction or alteration of roads, access tracks or driveways over or near the pipeline.
  • Building of any structure (including sheds and dwellings) on or adjacent to the pipeline easement.
  • Temporary flooding of the area.
  • Blasting or seismic activities within 1km of the easement.
  • Crossing the pipeline with heavy vehicles at other than the designated crossing points.
  • Planting trees on the easement within 6 metres of the pipeline centreline.

Do call SEA Gas on 1800 808 008 to report the following:

  • Damaged or fallen marker posts.
  • Erosion, washouts or subsidence on or near the pipeline easement.
  • Unauthorised access to property or facilities.
  • Vandalism to facilities, pipeline or marker signs.
  • Flooding.
  • Accidental damage to the pipeline or facilities.
  • Earthworks or developments along the pipeline or easements.

SEA Gas will provide free advice in relation to any proposed activity in the vicinity of the pipeline. Call our Head Office on (08) 8236 6800 with any enquiries.