Customer Services

Prospective customers wishing to access services on the SEA Gas pipeline have a number of opportunities available to them.

1. Firm Access

As the SEA Gas pipeline is currently fully contracted, no firm haulage is directly available for sale at this time.  Customers may be able to acquire firm access to the pipeline by arranging a Capacity Trade with one of the existing shippers holding firm capacity.  Capacity available for trade is advertised on APA Group’s Capacity Trading website.  Further detail on the pre-requisites for trading of firm capacity can be found here.

2. As Available Access

Haulage on SEA Gas is available to prospective customers on an as-available basis.  Further details on As Available Access can be found here.

3. Expansion

Access to capacity on the pipeline may require expansion of the existing SEA Gas pipeline network.

For further detail on any of the opportunities described above, please contact our Head of Business Development.

Application Fees

No application fee is required for inquiries in relation to:

  • Firm Access via Capacity Trading, or
  • As Available Access

Requests for access that require expansion of the existing SEA Gas pipeline network or facilitation of trades may entail the payment of application fees to cover the cost of technical and economic feasibility studies and or the development and administration of new transport solutions. Such fees will be assessed on case-by-case basis.